Seasons at Magnolia Manor 

Historic Wedding  & Event Venue

Who We Are

Seasons at Magnolia is owned and operated by Jeff & Jennifer Haddaway, a married couple who have their deepest roots planted in family, hospitality and history.
Our staff includes a melting pot of personalities, gifts and kind hearts.  We are Army Strong, Navy Proud and Air Force Vested.  We have interning students, single Moms, a single Dad, Newlyweds and 53 years married and counting. We have Grandparents, couples and siblings. We have teachers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers, culinary geniuses, firefighters and more and then... we have you and all  of these hearts working together sharing one goal - to make your day as special as we can!  

Welcome to Magnolia!  

Visit us on Facebook for more reviews!  Most are truly great but honestly we have a few that are not.  At Magnolia we understand better than most that not all people mesh and that sometimes, best laid plans can fall short of expectations, especially when  unforseeable circumstances arise that are out of ours and our client's controls.  We accept and truly understand that the perception of our reviewers though is that which we can, and must work with to always be improving and growing; so for that reason we thank ALL of our reviews and look forward to every event, every stay, every new family as though none have been here before you!   Thank you for visiting us here, we hope to have you at the Manor one day soon!   - Jeff & Jennifer