Seasons at Magnolia Manor 

Historic Wedding  & Event Venue

Mobile Catering by:  Taste of Life 

*Magnolia's Preferred Catering Vendor

Transportation by Weeks Transportation Co.
Magnolia's Preferred Bus Transportation Co.

Once Upon A Crumb - Bakery

Magnolia's Preferred Bakery

Traditional Wedding DJ Services
Magnolia Preferred DJ

Magnolia Preferred DJ

Signature Photos by Christ Hancock

Magnolia Preferred Photographer 

Creation4Use   Sam Guillermo

Magnolia Perferred Photographer

Traditional Wedding DJ Services  
Live Musician Performances
Magnolia Preferred DJ

Flowers by Wendy Carol

Magnolia Preferred Florist

Photography by Natalie Wilson

*Magnolia in House Photography

Blossom and Basket Boutique

Magnolia Preferred Florist