Seasons at Magnolia Manor 

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A Personal Message from Magnolia

This Ole Girl
As all businesses do from time to time, Seasons at Magnolia has undergone many pivots and thus changes over the past 7 years, most especially the past two.  To say the pandemic created cracks and widened old ones in the core of small business would be making an understatement. But for this ole girl, her foundation is STRONG, and she still stands today ready to host all who come with open and welcoming arms!

Health and Healing
In mid 2022, one of our owners was met with a life-threatening health crisis related to an existing condition, that almost stole her from us forever.  We learned very quickly the value of things we took for granted and discovered just as quickly, not all people have the benefit of knowing what is happening behind closed doors. As a result, we experienced that for many, what we do is merely business, but "It's just business," isn't something we hear said in this place and that is because Magnolia isn't just business, it is a family, and this year, this family was hurting deeply behind our closed doors. We are grateful for the healing that is underway and thank all our clients, guests, family and friends for supporting us through it all.

Out with the Old... In with the New
As a result of what was endured in 2022, the owners of Magnolia made some difficult decisions to change the scope of what we offer here at Magnolia, in order to free our family from some of the harsh and unavoidable hurdles that stood in the way of good health and our best service for our many amazing clients and guests. The changes benefit our vendors, our clients and our families and we are very excited for them all!

Seasons looks forward to offering this magical place to thousands in the years to come!  For those who have never been - you won't miss a thing!  And for those who have, worry not, you're going to love the flexibility and still feel just as at home as you always did!  We cannot wait to see you all again as we move towards 2023 and look forward to an amazingly regenerative year ahead!