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The Bored Bride's Tool Box

History of Tossing the Bouquet

Why toss that bouquet?  Well... its a lot more pleasant than tossing your shoe!

In ancient Anglo-Saxon times, Bride's threw their shoes at her bridesmaids and whomever was struck - was the next to be married.  Visit out Grooms Page to learn how we decided which guy would be next to get married!

History of the
Wedding Favor

Wedding favors were born during the 16th Century in England.  The gifts were home made by common couples and offered to guests for the exact reason they are given today, as a thank you for their witness to the couples union. Often given in small bags or if money was plentiful, small wooden boxes, these gifts represented the families that gave them so it would not have been unusual for a shoemaker's gifts may have been leather, a bookmaker's to have been paper and so on.

Eventually the wealthy debutantes caught on to this gift giving tradition and it began to appear in the aristocracies of England, France and Italy.  These favors tended to offer a considerably more elaborate impression; being boxes made of crystal or adorned with jewels; and were fashioned more as a statement of wealth and to suggest the couple had made a prosperous union. 

Not just any bag of beans!

Create a Favor that speaks to who you are as a couple!  Meet over a cup of coffee? Love to have a cup of Coffee together every morning?  Why not offer a little burlap bag of your favorite coffee!

Who Doesn't Love Succulents?

Small succulents make for VERY POPULAR favors at weddings.  We NEVER see left behind favors when these fresh, live gifts are part of the day. 

Purchasing these in bulk from a local nursery or retail outlet may require some advance contact to let them know how many you are seeking but this can be done relatively inexpensively and result in a fantastic favor option! Once you have the favors you can wrap the carton they are in with paper, burlap, fabric or transplant them to different containers like mini pails, cups etc.  Using stickers you can print on your home computer or a cricket, you can personalize these adorable gifts to say any cute little thing you like!

A "Fan Favor"ite!

Getting Married in the Summer?  Having a Fan at an outdoor wedding on a hot day is a HUGE plus and can be made to also serve as a favor.  Though this photo is one of our couples program... we have a slight variation that could make it a cool favor!

Print on card stock the names of and recipes for your Signature Drinks!  After the wedding these cards can become drink recipes to use in the future.  Not having Signature Drinks?  Print "This Day in History" with your wedding date at the top and all the memorable things in history that happened on that day.  End the card with your wedding!   Will they keep them?  Our experience says, yep!  Guests are Fans of Fans in the summer time.  Honestly - they really don't care what's on them!

Signature Drink Favors

Super EASY!  AND SOOOO LOVED!  Signature Drink Favors are Fun, Creative and NEVER LEFT BEHIND!
So you are "Making" all of this yourself but it still counts as DIY.  You're the mastermind behind pulling it all together.  You and your Fiance or Bridesmaids can make these in a flash! You'll need the items shown above and then the ability to tie it all together and voila! You have the perfect wedding favor!