Seasons at Magnolia Manor 

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Oct. 1, 2020 - State of Maryland Status w/ Phase 3 - Road to Recovery

As of October 1st, 2020, the State of Maryland is allowing for people to be outside in "open air" settings without wearing face masks; provided there is the ability to be socially distanced with a minimum of 6 feet distance between people at all times. 

Seasons at Magnolia has such of an "open air" facility and thus can accommodate guests outside without the requirement of masks.  This does not mean we do not use masks.
Our staff will be outfitted with masks covering their mouth and nose when working with guests at ALL times.  Staff may remove their masks when away from guests to breathe fresh air.
Buffets are now allowed but the guest's plate must remain behind the protective barrier between the guest and the food service from the start of the buffet to the end of the buffet. Neither guests nor servers may reach over barrier.  Plates must be handed from server to guest at end of buffet. Guest plates may not return to buffet.  New plates will be used for each trip to the buffet. Guests may NOT self serve for any buffet.  This includes dessert buffets.  Seasons at Magnolia's preferred catering company, Taste of Life, complies with all these standards with no exceptions.

Bars may now be approached by guests but guests may not congregate at the bar without face masks on nose and mouth.  Guests waiting their turn at the bar must adhere to the social distancing protocol. Seasons at Magnolia's preferred catering company, Taste of Life, complies with all these standards with no exceptions.

Common items on tables are still not permitted.  This means catering cannot place salt and pepper, bread baskets or water pitchers on guest tables. Seasons at Magnolia's preferred catering company, Taste of Life, complies with all these standards with no exceptions.

Unrelated guests in closed building areas must keep masks on while moving about the room but may be mask free while dining at a table.  Guests living in the same household / related may occupy indoor spaces without masks both walking about and while dining.

Dancing is permitted with health respectful considerations which are any of the following: social distancing, mask wearing over nose and mouth or open air dancing environment where social distancing is unencumbered by space (wall) limitations.

Seasons at Magnolia remains a Micro Hotel.  This means we provide 4 guest rooms in our Inn. This shall remain our policy permanently effective January 1st, 2021.

July 29, 2020 - State of Maryland Update on COVID-19

The State of Maryland, on July 29th, updated and expanded the face mask use mandate to further emphasize the risk management accomplished by face coverings, reducing the free flow of the virus and other contaminants through breathing, speaking, coughing and sneezing in close proximity to someone else's face.
Seasons at Magnolia Manor has actually already been abiding by the new mandate standards even before this expanded version came about. As a result, this mandate does not change much at Magnolia.
The new measures put in place by the July 29th announcement re-enforces wearing face masks inside our public indoor areas (private guest rooms and the Bridal Suite are not public areas as they are your privately occupied spaces just as a hotel room would be) and wearing face masks outside in our public, outdoor areas where social distancing - with 6' between people not residing in the same home - cannot be consistently adhered to.  If you can maintain the socially distanced spacing, you would not be required to wear a mask while outside in our gardens.

It is important to note, event tenting our outdoor areas does not result in creating an indoor space that is treated the same as outdoor space.  What this means is a tent "with sidewalls", even constructed for the purpose of providing shelter in the event of rain, is considered the same as using an indoor space.  As a result, the occupancy of a tented space can be only 50% of the rated occupancy for that tent just as is the case for a dining room etc.  At Magnolia we have created a hybrid version of our dining room / tented space to create a space large enough to offer sheltered celebration without violating any of the mandates for public safety.  At this time, this is a viable, comfortable and safe solution for our couples and their guests.  No other options other than hosting outdoors in our gardens are approved. Magnolia goes to great lengths to provide the most optimal experience and with the cooperation of our clients and their guests we are proud to say we have hosted  many events - weddings, showers, birthday celebrations and outdoor movie nights since we reopened and all have been truly lovely events.  Those who have hosted here have all respect and adapted to the realities of this challenging time and worked with us to ensure they could have their day.  Working together - Moving forward.

As a measure to help remind guests (especially given some are not from Maryland and may not know the expectations of the State mandates) we have had cards made to hand to guests to ensure the are aware of the safety measures.  This offers a silent and non abrasive method to keep people in the loop and help them stay safe while at Magnolia.  

The cards explain the social distancing and mask wearing standards in a very brief way and offer a light approach to a heavy and sometimes hard to broach subject.  We will also be advising guests as they arrive and are at our temperature check station that there are face mask requirements at the venue. A limited but reasonable supply of disposable face masks are available at Magnolia for guests who have forgotten their face masks.

Congratulations to our most
recently married Magnolia couples!

                 Amber & Nick       Danielle & Joe       Mike and Dana       Lena and Jason    

                                              Slava & Olecia         Edson & Ana  

Weddings, Birthdays, Showers and More                      (Updated 7/21/20 11:03)

Smaller, more intimate events have accounted for a big surge in activity at venues all over the country as larger crowds are dissipating and mandates have been limiting the sizes of events.  Here at Magnolia we have been hosting outdoor and indoor weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, retirement parties, birthday celebrations and even small private get-togethers for people just looking for a change of scenery.

Our outside capacity is large because we are a garden venue with large open spaces that allow for easy social distancing and plenty of services that assist in making sure guests can still eat, drink and celebrate without needless risks being taken to do so. Our indoor capacity is smaller with only having a 50% occupancy ability, but still manages well for events hosting under 75 people inside. We can offer tenting and we own all of our chairs, tables (round and rectangles) and all the linens - so no worries for clean, sanitized rentals that cost extra!

So consider the options - there are still many available and weddings CAN and ARE happening with some modifications and here at Magnolia we look forward to the opportunity to create something special with you, for you and your guests.

Subtle details and precautions to ensure you and your quests are safe and sound amidst nature at Magnolia.                                            (Updated 6/15/20 09:24)

One of the nicest things you'll get to do at Magnolia is take our Tour.  The history, nature abound, our amazing Decor Cottage and then of course the Manor! Couples and their families usually get lost in the peace and tranquility but also the food provided by Taste of Life Catering Co. 

Magnolia suspended in person tours for 3 months during the "Stay at Home" order in Maryland and offered virtual tours and real time appointments by Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype and Jitsi.  We are now are open again for in person tours (please come prepared to be using a facemask inside our buildings), but if you would prefer a virtual or video tour format for your own safety, we are happy to work that out for you!

Bookings occur online once you decide to purchase a wedding package here and all paperwork is online so nothing to pass around, touch or carry around and possibly lose! We accept all major credit cards, plus cash or check.  (Final payments however cannot be made by check - sorry.)

So we hope you will come see us!  Click here to schedule a tour!


At Magnolia we have ALWAYS maintained a very vigorous cleaning schedule and worked to maintain a healthy environment for our guests and our staff.  Now with CDC guidelines to help ensure what we always did was and is still enough, we are happy to introduce some added layers to protect our guests and our staff from avoidable risks.

Guests and Staff are all asked to partake in temperature checks as well as are asked to be forthcoming with symptoms and agree to put our wedding couple's memorable day ahead of their desire for an amazing free meal ha ha.  We know how hard it is to pass up Taste of Life Catering BUT, we want everyone to be able to return again one day for more so... we hope people will help out!


Upon arrival every person is checked from their car for fever and visually for other symptoms such as coughing or noticeable sickness.  No one needs to exit the vehicle - we do this with a no touch temperature scan and a trained staff member.  Once we determined there are no obvious symptoms you are permitted on property. We know this does not work for asymptomatic people but we are doing all we can to minimize risks.  There is no way to remove them and allow guests to visit Magnolia so this is our best effort.  If you are not feeling well, know you have an illness of any sort, please do not come.  Not because you don't want to share in the special events here but because you care about the people hosting them.


When you are on the property you will find our staff and the staff of the Catering company will be wearing masks when directly working with guests or serving food.  Guests are asked to wear masks whenever inside our buildings and to please use the provided hand sanitizers at each door way, before opening the door and entering.


Our bathrooms are stocked and cleaned often for your comfort, safety and care.


Our guest rooms / Bridal Suite and Groom's lounge are sanitized before and after every use and cleaned frequently during use.  This involves wiping down surfaces, door knobs and clearing trash often.  We want your stay to be private and enjoyable but staff will be around to ensure cleanliness is a priority.


Food at Magnolia is provided by a separate catering company called Taste of Life.  The efforts taken by Taste of Life match those of Magnolia and consider health and wellness a priority too.  The preparation and service of your food is done by staff that have been checked to be sure they are not symptomatic and then further take the precaution of using masks and gloves. We no longer host guest approachable buffets.  Instead the catering company prepares the buffets to allow guests to have a wide selection of foods and "seconds" if desired but their meals are taken as an order by a serving staff who then takes the order to the "Buffet Kitchen" where their plates are dressed with the specific wishes of each guest. We have found this to be a wonderful middle of the road solution for those who look forward to all Taste of Life offers on an event day.  The buffets are visible from a distance but in the event a guest does approach the food, it is further protected by glass barriers between the onlooker and the food.


Bars at Magnolia now have cocktail servers roaming among the crowd and of course table service is happening too.  We mitigate congregating at the bar where crowds can develop as people "hang out," by having a team of servers take drink orders and deliver them to our guests.  If a guest does approach our bars, they may be served but it is from behind a glass partition to avoid exposure in either direction. We encourage all guests to take advantage of our cocktail service.

Something old, Something new... This is COVID, not the Flu!  (Updated 6/10/20 04:43)

We have all heard the wedding poem, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue... "

This year though, "Something New" isn't quite what the authors originally had intended. Or is it?

As "Something New" has been explained in this traditional poem, it has been said this specific line represents optimism for the couple's future.  So, needless to say, recent days have challenged this poem defiantly; with a pandemic looming in the shadows - everywhere we turn, it is not uncommon for people, especially engaged couples who have had to postpone their weddings - to feel despair and hopeless frustration about the future because for many is seems so uncertain. Not surprisingly though, we have another take on this and the current state our world is in.

Something new - is indeed representing optimism for engaged couples future.  While we are facing an undeniably, unprecedented time with social limitations, health risks, emotional and physical challenges; we are also seeing creativity, perseverance and LOVE.  We are witnessing strength being lent out to friends, co-workers and neighbors, borrowed by loved ones and secluded strangers we have never even met. We are seeing heroes who have always been hidden and learning the power of the mighty who's might has often done unnoticed. We have returned to problem solving as convenience has been swiftly taken away and for our engaged couples, we have seen love carry each other over the threshold in a whole "old but new" way.

The optimism for our future is nothing can keep us down forever and our couples prove that every day.  Love will always find a way.  If COVID is a "can we handle marriage?" test, Our couples have all earned a rosounding "A".   Marriage has more than a few challenges in store for every couple these days but those who survived COVID - definitely have a lead in advantage! So here's to "Something New."  COVID, we beat you!

Photocredit: Johnna Yonkers

INCH BY INCH!  CLOSER TO HOSTING EVERYDAY!                                   (Updated: 6/04/20 01:50)

On June 3rd, Maryland's Governor announced that the State is prepared to move to Phase II of its mandate recovery plan.  This Phase (II) also called STAGE TWO, introduces a far more relaxed environment in that many business previously considered non-essential will now be re-opening and we will be phasing in access to restaurants, dining together and hosting ceremonies with our family and friends. 

It is important to note that the language of the amended mandate is specific in some areas and vague in others so below we have attempted to identify how the new changes will impact you, our clients and your guests.

Beginning in this phase we will be able to host a portion of our normal capacity - but NOT full capacity.  We will be able to host outside but not always inside.  There are guidelines that still restrict a number of factors so please contact us if you have a wedding that will bring more than 50 guests in the next month and a half.

Phase II will accommodate ceremonies to be conducted however social distancing must be applied here.  Couples, you will need to present our team with a seating chart for both your reception AND your ceremony to allow us to properly space chairs in family groups.  We will seat your guests as they arrive. 

This phase will also allow for outside dining with your family and friends HOWEVER - family groups will be seated together and strangers (those not residing in the same household) will need to be socially distanced by at least 6 feet from those they do not reside with.  We currently have a method of seating at our largest tables that will accommodate this policy allowing 3 pairs of 2 guests each to be seated at one table.  No more than 6 people may sit at a table together unless they all reside in the same household.

Dancing may occur but respectful social distancing for those not related or residing in the same household must be adhered to.  This means dancing will be a teensy like that 5th grade dance.  No crazy shenanigans on the dance floor unless of course you are residing in the same household with the person your committing them with.  If the DJ feels the dance floor is getting too crowded they may need to shift the crowd to bring us back to compliance.  We expect all our couples and their guests to get it though during this phase II and not have any difficulty honoring the policies.  Phase III will be considerably more relaxed so for those in August on can take a nice sigh of relief that Maryland is progressing nicely!

Catering has been adapted.  In phase II there are no buffets allowed.  All of our couples have purchased a buffet menu so we worked with Taste of Life to create a solution that offers the perfect scenario and frankly - we like it so much we may still offer it even after COVID is an old memory we'd love to forget!  Here is how it will work.

On your guests dinner table will be menus.  The menus will offer what is located on the buffet.  A server will be assigned to the tables to provide buffet service to your guests.  As is done in a restaurant the server will bounce back and forth to your tables providing ordered food but from the "buffet".  The main difference from this vs plated dinners is that your guests can opt to enjoy EVERY item on the menu and be served more than once if they loved any one thing more than another.  With plated entrees, your guests are served a plate of food they will eat and there are not alternate options for them nor refills. We think being served by our staff to the tables is going to spoil your guests and make the dining experience even more special.  Prior to COVID we actually hosted a wedding where we provided a version of this buffet service method and it worked beautifully so we expect nothing but the same now. 

The Bar. What about the bar?  Yes - you may have a bar however - guests may not  visit the bar more than 1 person at a time and no lines may form more than 3 people deep (each socially distanced). Our servers though will be available to take bar orders and bring drinks to the table.  Guests should be prepared to present their ID's.  

Masks - what about masks?  Do we have to wear them?  Yes and no.  Family groups may be unmasked when together without people who do not reside in their home, while they are outside.  Strangers must wear masks in proximity of other strangers.  ALL people not living together must wear masks and maintain social distancing of 6 ft when together and Masks MUST be worn when inside the mansion at all times by ALL visitors during phase II.

Overnight.  Right now the Inn remains closed for over night guests.  We anticipate it re-opening on July 6th. Until then, overnight stays are not possible.  The bridal suite will however be able to be used for our brides to get ready.

Tastings, Decor Meetings and Timeline planning meetings.  All are allowed now.  Also tours and vendor meetings are permitted.   But like anything - these meetings are by appointment only.  Please be patient as we engage our calendar to get you all in asap for tastings, decor and timeline meetings. We promise everyone has a piece of priority and urgency in this process so if you contact us and do not hear back right away - know that we have heard from you but we are carefully strategizing best meeting dates to ensure we are able to meet mandated rules of occupancy. When you come for these meetings, we can have no more than 4 at a meeting.  Our decor meetings may not have more than 3 people in the decor cottage at one time and tasting may host no more than 4 people.

It is worth mentioning that ours is a private property venue.  We are not a movie theater, hotel facility, public banquet facility, stadium or large format entertainment venue.  We are a privately owned, family facility that rents our home away from home to each of you. You may, when here, enjoy our place as your home away from home and in doing so may host guests.  Please honor the rules so we may continue to open our doors to you and all those who will come before and after you.  We are hoping to see phase II shift in a version of Phase III in mid to late June so stay tuned!  Things are coming along!

What about our Staff and our facility?  How are we geared to receive you?  AS already mentioned we will have guest arrival temperature checks at the entrance while guests are still in their cars.  Our staff will all be wearing masks when performing their jobs around you and your guests.  We will be working with Taste of Life to modify your catering service.  Our DJ's will be positioned behind glass partitions. We will have multiple hand sanitizer stations around the property and new but unobtrusive signage reminding guests of the need for sanitizing, washing, face masks and social distancing.  Our signs will be present but not overtly placed.  Our goal was to consider health and safety but also your coveted gorgeous photos at Magnolia.  We've got you!  

If you have any questions about phase II thus far or what is expected in the next phase, please feel free to contact us!

Welcome back Magnolia Couples!!! We have missed you!

ROADMAP TO OPENING MAGNOLIA!  (Updated: 5/16/20 22:00)

So many roads - So many stages - So many questions!  We know... everyone just wants to know WHEN? So here is our best effort to help our couples understand where wedding venues fall in this "Roadmap to Recovery" process at least for the State of Maryland.

Below are pages from Maryland's governor's Roadmap to Recovery Plan. You can click on them to go to a link that opens a larger version of the pages. This is merely a snapshot of the 30 page proposal for our state but offers the information that pertains specifically to venues, travel destinations and accommodations; all of which we are.  Within the plan are a number of "if this - then this" caveats. What that means is - if a plan fails to deliver a safe re-opening for that phase, then future plans may change. The goal however is for our state, county by county, to reopen and life to return to a relative normal place; where celebrations, weddings and special events can happen without fear because of a pandemic no one signed up for.  When you look at the images below - there are areas of the document highlighted in celery colored green.  We have highlighted these areas as they pertain to the venue the most.  This is NOT a complete report.  This is only those pages that offered information that assists us in best understanding how we fit in the plan.

Seasons at Magnolia sees some of our weddings and events falling comfortably in the second phase of this re-opening plan.  Others we see in the third phase.  Our hope is June will deliver a successful end to the first phase which we are already in, and introduce the second phase. Then, being un-apologetically greedy (ha ha), we are hoping July will introduce the third phase where any and all weddings and events will be possible.  We, like all of you, are rolling with the punches and pivoting as needed. We want all of our event clients and wedding couples to know your days will still happen and will still happen with all the celebration you are now, more than ever, looking forward to. 

BUT... we know some of you are feeling some emotional highs and lows that are stealing the vibe you deserve to be enjoying and we've heard a couple tears of frustration from our couples, "We just wanted to get MARRIED!"  So we have a gift for all of you. 

If you were scheduled to get married in April, May or June ... and your first choice date was speared with the COVID harpoon - we would like to offer you a special opportunity to host your wedding soon.  We will host an intimate wedding, do a private video of your ceremony and then, at your future date,  you may opt to do it all again (get to wear that amazing dress twice!) OR have an awesome reception where at the very beginning - we show your video to your guests on our BIG SCREEN (while you stay hidden away) and then just as its ending we will change the lighting just right... transition your music and like a true Hollywood reveal - you make your entrance!  "Ladies and Gentleman... Introducing the stars of this wedding show, married and ready to celebrate their love with all of you... _____ & _____!"  The crowd will roar and you get to celebrate your marriage over and over!

So... if this is something you would like to consider or you just want to go for it and do it... reach out to Jennifer or Bethany and they will go over the details and options and plan it out with you!  As always - We look forward to celebrating with all of you! Our hats are off to all of you for being the amazing people you all are! 

 (Updated 5/5/20 23:50)

As Maryand begins to consider re-opening its businesses, many are asking us - what does this mean for our event and when will [specifically] weddings be able to host again?  The short answer is we have scowered the "roadmap to recovery" document and can offer only a few basic answers but they will at least offer a summary of Maryland's Governor's plans.

First and most importantly the Governor of Maryland has stated the state must meet a "gating benchmark" which is when Maryland shows a flattening of the curve. Some are asking what does this mean?

All states have shown cases of COVID -19 and all states have seen escalations in the number of cases over the past 2 months since we have been testing people for it.  Each time a case is recorded as possitive it is graphed with other cases in the formation of a line.  As the number of graphed cases increases - the line grows longer and if the cases are showing up in a short period of time, the line will take a steep climb upward rather than going in a straight or downward direction (which will occur once few cases test possitive). When we have A LOT of people testing possitive over a very short period of time (like when we saw outbreaks in assisted living homes), that line begins to look like a ski slope and many have seen this graph on the news.  Flattening the curve means we have less people testing possitive over that same short period of time that gave us the ski slope and because there are less - it starts to look more like a bump in the road. The "slope" flattens. Eventually we reach the top of either the ski slope or the bump in the road and the line starts to go back downward because the possitive cases are fewer and fewer.  THIS is the "gating benchmark" moment when we are seeing fewer and fewer possitive cases.  It is then that the governor will begin re-opening businesses in 3 risk phases.

Each county will be involved in the re-opening of their communities and they will have the power to close a business if it is acting without regard for the health safety of its community members. 

The timeline for the lifting of mandates is still vague but seems to begin on or around May 15th - May 30th - baring no outbreaks of critical magnitude. (Meaning a lot of cases out of no where in a short period of time). Once we begin opening again, phases will continue to progress and eventually everyone will see their business operating at least in some capacity.  We are reading daily.  We are wading through the massive numbers of documents and press releases from the various official agencies contributing to this proccess for our state and small businesses.  We echo the frustration of our communities with the uncertainty, not just in the lifting of the shelter in place mandates but also the genuine safety of our communities, but we will honor the government imposed policies for everyone's well being.  We will continue to work with all of our clients to allow flexibility with your dates and services to ensure you and your guests are safe and your event has all the tools needed to ensure we are providing for yours and your guests comfort and well being.

If you are a wedding scheduled for June - we are currently working with June couples to offer the option of date postponement if desired.  Please reach out to us if you have not heard from your coordinator.  We are almost there - even though it feels like forever ahead.  Hang in there - reach out if you need support and we will get down that isle... in time. 

On an aside, thank you so much to all of our couples and their families.  You have been so great and even though we have had a few moments of panic and stress boil over - every single one of you has shown great strength and love for each other as couples.  We are proud to be working with you and cannot wait for your bridal showers, your rehearsal dinners and... you wedding days to be here.  Keep up the great love!  We will see you all soon!

We have always had Room's with a View...
                           Now we have Room for the best Views on your Wedding Day!

The owners of Magnolia took to the grounds today to show that nothing stops the witnessing of love on a wedding day.  Not Rain, Snow, Sleet or even Social Distancing.  We learned today that we can expand our seating area even wider than we ever did before, we can have unobstructed views and it looks so beautiful!  

Just remember, when the time comes, Magnolia has been anxiously awaiting for your Wedding day too!

Re-Opening the US Economy

The Phases Ahead

(Updated 4/16/20 23:30)

What does it all mean for my wedding? Many are aware the the President and COVID 19 Task Force announced a plan to re-open the US Economy and Communities today.  Many are also trying to sort out how the phases will work as it applies to wedding plans. Below is

how we at Magnolia have interpreted the new guidelines at this point.
The "Opening Up America Again Guidelines" have been announced and now it is up to each State Governor (for our venue that is Governor Hogan - State of Maryland) to decide when his or her state meets the criteria to enter into Phase 1, which will re-open certain businesses and lesson the restrictions on our community with regards to quarantine orders.  We will know where our state stands when Governor Hogan address our communities soon.

In the meantime, we have read the Criteria and Phase 1-3 guidelines thoroughly and see our venue as being back open during the 2nd Phase of this plan and fully operational at the 3rd Phase.  What month this transition will occur in will depend on how quickly the State of Maryland identifies our county as being able to enter the 1st phase. Our County is Carroll County.

The plan as written, gives states the ability to loosen mandates by geographical pockets (it is anticipated this will be by county) rather than forcing a state to wait for the whole state to meet the guidelines before any loosening of mandates can occur.  The guidelines are based on COVID 19 statistics for the states [geographical areas] showing a downward trend in COVID 19 activity.  This would suggest, less infection, less positive test results and of course - what we all want to see - less casualties. 

What will be very important, once our venue is permitted to host your weddings again, will be the cooperation of our couples, your families and guests with our team; to adhere to what our government advises to be the new safe social standards.  This will surely be a "new normal" that may feel somewhat awkward or unusual at first - as attending a social gathering such as a wedding tends to be very "touchy feely" - but together we can make anything work.  We will plan with you to create an appropriate comfort zone that keeps everyone safe but still connected in a way that everyone should have no problem supporting willingly and compassionately.   We cannot wait to see all of you walking down the isle and we're betting neither can you!  Hang in there - we are turning new corners - closer to your moment - every day!
Preparing for the eventual re-opening of our new normal. (Updated 4/14/20 22:30)
As people begin to hear news that suggests gradual re-opening of communities and businesses - we as a business are preparing for this eventuality.  Things will be a little different so we want our clients and guests to know what has been discussed at Magnolia as possible changes to ensure better protection for our guests.

Our venue may initially institute guest arrival temperature checks.  Rumor has it this may actually be mandated in our state at least for some time.  Seasons at Magnolia is already in a position to provide this service and we have discussed at length the best manner in which to handle any guests who present with a temperature.  We want our couples to know if this becomes a "new normal" process, we will provide it with kit gloves (no pun intended) and much sensitive care.  No guest will ever be made to feel isolated or shamed if they have a fever.  We have discussed ways in which we may be able to provide remote attendance options for these guests by giving them a link to your ceremony / reception to watch from their phones by offering live streaming - something we have done in the past for a number of unique circumstances.  We are working on making this an easy "routine addition" to our existing wedding client's packages. There would be NO CHARGE for this service for existing couples.

Distance celebrations are easier at Magnolia for those events taking place outside and can be accomplished inside for our smaller guest counts. We will be seating all of our ceremony chairs (inside or out - no matter guest count) with added space between each chair to provide a natural distance between guests.  Our intention will be to provide a lessor risk of unintentional person to person contact between potential strangers. This of course will come with potential added guidelines as presented by mandates possibly.  We will adhere to all mandates and contribute whatever we can to abide and still ensure guest and client comfort. We will be using our tenting to expand our banquet room to be able to provide added seating space for larger groups in order to be able to provide a more spacious seating option if indoors too. Every resource in our arsenal will be utilized to transition as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Please know we are thinking ahead as we always do.  We are considering your needs.  We are considering your guests needs.  We are considering your precious day and promise we will do whatever we can to help.  Don't be afraid to ask if you have ideas or thoughts on ways to protect you and your guests on your wedding day.  We are open minded and though we cannot promise all things are possible - we will consider anything that may help and can be reasonably accomplished.  We will continue to keep you posted as things develop. 

Thank you to all of our couples and their families for your amazingly wonderful kindness, patience and calmness as we work together to get through this crazy time!  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

State of Maryland Proclamation says the
Easter Bunny is "Essential" on Easter Day!

Thank you to Governor Hogan for hearing the pleas of our communities and recognizing that Good Health is often boosted by Happy Times and making memories!

Seasons at Magnolia is so proud to have the Easter Bunny staying at our beautiful Manor while she gears up to hop around Maryland on Easter Sunday, tomorrow!

If you have children and live within 15 miles of Magnolia, please send a message to the Easter Bunny who has her own email: or send us a FACEBOOK Private Message and we will see if we can have her hop on by!  Though she won't be able to stay and play - she can at least be seen from the window and help celebrate Easter Day!

Happy Easter from Seasons at Magnolia Manor!
Introducing your support team! (Updated: 4/5/20 14:15)
Get ready to hear from your team!  For our April - October Couples, you should be soon hearing from your wedding support team!  Our Wedding Day coordinators will be contacting each couple over the next week to start planning things with you like, Timelines and Photo plans!  Your coordinators are in place to work with you on your Plan A and your Plan B for your special day, so all you have to do is enjoy wedding day bliss, we take care of the rest!  For those who have selected your foods, your decor and set a timeline - your coordinator will revisit the details with you and pull them all together so we have a great plan in place!  For those who still have to do those things, these ladies will help you get the ball rolling or carry it to the finish line! So expect to hear from Chelsea, Isabella and Katya soon!  We look forward to working with you!
Opening Our Calendar for Backup Dates to our June Couples (Updated 4/4/20 09:00)
Many of our June couples have contacted us asking if we think this COVID nightmare will be over in time for their weddings to take place as planned.  We genuinely don't know any more than you do but we are here to help you stay relaxed and not have to feel any more uncertainly than you have to.  What is in our control is our ability to allow our couples to choose 'back up dates" or to reschedule if desired.  We have a number of dates that are available for 2020 and we are now opening those dates to our June couples as all of April has rescheduled and May couples have all either rescheduled or selected back up dates just in case.  It is your option if you just go ahead and postpone or if you want to hold both dates until your original date gets closer and we have a better idea of where we will be.  If you are a June couple, feel free to contact us for dates.  We give the dates to one couple at a time so please let us know your choice within 24 hours of having the open dates.  This allows everyone the ability to choose and not have conflicts because two chose the same date at the same time.  For June couples, the dates are first come first serve.  We will not be contacting June couples but will rather wait to hear from you. 
Many are experiencing the challenges in sorting through the news that is currently coming at us in massive doses on TV, Social Media and Radio.  One minute it is one thing, the next something slightly or completely different.  Constant updates of every changing detail.  This is creating comfort for some but stress for others and we at Magnolia are seeing this and we respect all the different emotions that are circulating as a result.  This page is designed to apply what we have learned from updates to how it will impact our community of clients in one central place but if you have any personal needs, fears, anxieties or stresses and need more personalized attention. please know it is absolutely ok to reach out to us privately still.  We are here for you and your texts and emails are welcome.  NATION STRONG - MARYLAND STRONG - MAGNOLIA STRONG.
Many have heard that Maryland's Governor hosted a COVID-19 Response Briefing this morning during which the State's Superintendent of Public Schools spoke and extended the closure of Maryland public schools to April 24th, 2020.  This precaution is in response to obvious developments, as the virus spreads in not only our state but others in our country.  As a result of the update we recognize this may suggest coming social distancing extensions for businesses, our communities and adult's social activities as well . For this reason we have begun allowing our May 2020 events to begin selecting postponement dates in the event their weddings or celebrations are faced with state of federal large group restrictions.  Couples are being contacted directly.  If you are a May wedding or other event, and have not received a call or text message yet, we promise it is coming. Hang in there.  By the end of this week all May events will have their "Plan B Date" secured and you'll be able to relax at least on that front.  We have plenty of desirable dates in the coming months that should be well past this health challenge we are experiencing today.  we ask that everyone be patient as we make these calls, understand you are ALL our priority and we look forward to getting some peace of mind in place for everyone.  

For those weddings and events scheduled for June and July.  We understand the stress of today's events are impacting all of you too. We understand that you are experiencing similar feelings of fear of the unknown.  We do not want you to ever feel you are not important nor are less impacted by the anxieties this causes.  We are here for you and if you'd like to talk we are here to listen.  At this time though, we are not moving June and July dates.  As time moves forward and we have a closer understanding of where we will be, we will consider the need to make changes and I promise we will do so quickly and efficiently.  We have you.  We are here for you too.  Hang in there as well and check here regularly for any updates that may help you connect to your venue and what is happening.

Till next update... Stay well everyone! 
The post below has been updated to include information about the impact of rescheduled wedding dates on in house and outside vendors.  Please review.

At this time we feel it is important to share with all our couples, who are scheduled to host weddings between April and June, that Seasons at Magnolia is well positioned to accommodate changes of dates as mandates dictate.  We understand that some are watching this crisis unfold and anxieties are at an all time high; even beyond the very normal jitters that come as we approach our weddings days.  This is an unfair and unprecedented scenario that is naturally creating unusual worry and panic layered over the expected emotions.  As a result, many are understandably asking themselves, and family members / friends, what's going to happen?  What are we going to do if this epidemic keeps going through my wedding day?  Are we going to be able to reschedule?  Are there even dates?  These are all very understandable concerns and wise questions to seek answers to.  Before we answer these questions though, we want to emphasize the importance of staying calm and preparing to accept that solutions won't match your original plan exactly for obvious reasons - but they will deliver your original goal - a lovingly celebrated wedding day with your family and friends.  Now... to quell concerns and answer the questions that are at the top of every soon to be wedding couple's minds.

We at Magnolia have temporarily closed our 2020 calendar for “New Bookings” up thru November 2020. This means new clients reaching out to our venue (Effective Sunday, March 15th, 2020) to schedule any new event or use of our venue will be offered date options that occur after November 2020.  Magnolia currently has over 40 available weekend dates on our 2020 calendar through November and those dates will be exclusive options for any couples who must postpone. The process for moving wedding dates will be based on known and implemented, government mandated, social interaction restrictions.  Right now, we have rescheduled ALL April events that must be rescheduled because of mandates that are in place to protect the welfare of our guests and staff. Those reservations that remain unchanged are not "events" that need to be postponed or rescheduled at this time due to the nature of their meeting.  We do have 1 event that remains on our March calendar.  That event is not a wedding and is of a nature that is exempt from the State and Federal restriction guidelines.  As postponed events move to new dates, date availability will change of course. We will be opening the option for May 2020 events to postpone and select new dates if things continue to progress and indications suggest doing so will be necessary.  We are not overreacting nor under-preparing so as to not cause calamity or a rush to make changes that may not be needed or potentially regretted.

For those who have selected our all in house vendors, changing your dates will not put you in a position of having to juggle your vendor's availability before selecting your postponement date.  Our in house Florist, DJ, Photography and Catering Company and Serving / Bartending teams have all committed to open availability for the dates Magnolia has for re-selection.  We have also contacted officiant options and know we have at least one officiant available for every date open for rescheduling.  Upon rescheduling, in the case of all in house vendors, your vendors will be notified instantly of your new date and all calendars will be seamlessly updated. If you have booked an outside vendor for any of your wedding day services, we recommend reaching out to the vendor prior to committing to a date change to first confirm their availability.  Magnolia cannot speak for those outside vendors so we do not know how they will be equipped to handle the date change if they are already scheduled for another event. If they are not available and you are in a situation where none of our many dates will work for a vendor, we will work with you to transition to a new vendor or even one of our in house options; if it comes to that.  Most professional vendors do have back up support in their businesses so that in the event they are unable to perform, they can call in a equally qualified substitute. Our hope is this won't pose too many challenges as we know vendors in our industry are as eager to support their couples as we are during this tough time for all.

Now, because it has been asked, here is the answer to how Magnolia has available dates when we had reached a nearly fully booked calendar for 2020 with only a rare few dates open in May - November?  The reason we are in such a good position as far as date availability now is a direct result of our venue’s business plan was designed to ensure a set number of days / weekends were strategically “closed” to provide built in recuperation days for the venue and our community.  When we began hosting weddings and events 3 1/2 years ago - we intentionally built in “off week(ends) / days,“ every month to ensure our staff teams had adequate breaks for vacations and time with their families, for our community to have a break from the influx of hundreds of wedding goers traveling through our rural town and for Magnolia to receive periodic manicures to its lush property. As a result of this, over the past few years of operation, our business has enjoyed the benefits of these built in breaks that this year, to all our good fortune, will be able to accommodate the needed wedding rescues.

Some will still find their heads taking them to worry places because even with answers, questions still come. The difficult times we are in are fostering idle time and idle time during crisis begs for more questions and concern.  We get this too and are compassionate to that challenge.  Please check our site if you feel something new has occurred that you think may change anything you already know.  We, like you, are interested in "solutions" and are awake daily thinking things through to make sure when the need for a new solution presents, it is not met without one in place to answer it.

We are all blessed that our calendar structure already had the “breathing room” it does, that we have in house vendors that are extending our couples such dedicated commitment and promised service and that we have staff "teams" that can alternate work days and weekends to still afford our crew the opportunity to enjoy time off. We know we will all come through this and we will all get to enjoy your “Happily Ever After,” even if a little later down the calendar than we planned.  We ask that couples be patient, be calm and be assured that things are going to get better and your wedding days will come. 

This isn’t anyone’s first choice, to endure such strange circumstances; and no couple prepared for this, but we know our couples will rally, that people will offer each other positive support and again, you will have a beautiful wedding day because that is the one plan that will not change - no matter what we are faced with.

Hang in there. Stay well. Take loving care of each other, your family and friends and we will keep you all posted as things continue to develop.

Our best from,
Jeff & Jennifer
And the Team at Seasons at Magnolia
Mary, Cameron, Eric, Jordan, Bethany, Isabella, Tommy, Patrick, Delaney, Nicole, Amy, Katya, Mike, Mark, Kayla, Lisa, Justin, Jesse, Olga, Emily, Steven & Chelsea

RESCHEDULED EVENT DATES (Updated 3/18/20 16:00)
Thank you to all of our event clients and B&B guests. We deeply appreciate how wonderfully patient and receptive you have all been with the ever changing game plans we are being forced to put in play as the current health crisis progresses. We will continue to stay in touch and be available should you need to reach out to us for any reason.

Developments today that impact venues like ours include the recommendations of the CDC updated below (3/15/20 Update) and the White House recommendation today (3/16/20) that events planned to host more than 10 people in the next 8 weeks - should postpone.  Many people have contacted us asking about small events such as bridal & baby showers as well as meetings such as planning meetings and group tours.  As of today - we are suspending group meetings hosted by Magnolia, (anything 10 people or more) so this includes: Tastings by the caterer that we host at Magnolia, dessert tastings hosted at Magnolia and "group" decor meetings hosted at Magnolia.  Our venue is still closed for the wedding "off season" (we are presently still "in" our "off season") but we have been in very regular communication with ALL of our April and May 2020 clients.  Some future events are not being postponed as of yet because we are allowing reasonable time to pass; with the rational understanding that if all people and businesses adhere to the recommended self quarantines - this crisis may find its end sooner and thus such recommendations could be lifted sooner.  We are also cognizant of the real possibility the restrictions will last the duration of the current suggestions or even go longer.  We are simply not forcing cancellations or postponements until the future dates are closer upon us.  If you have an questions relating to a specific date, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Magnolia does intend to still host individual planning meetings but with responsible precautions taken to ensure social distancing and the safety and welfare of our clients and staff are being addressed and prioritized.  Once such precaution, which was made effective earlier last week, is limiting needless person to person contact. We are introducing the offering of video conferencing and teleconferencing to accomplish this.  This will require a smartphone to participate but will allow our staff to meet with our clients to discuss things, show decor, explore ideas and plan without having to be "physically" face to face to do so. Magnolia is also producing a video tour so people can share the venue, manor house, banquet room and decor cottage with friends, family and new clients. Face to Face meetings may still occur in small healthy groups.

Our goal is to maintain as much "normalcy" as possible while we ride out this viral storm.  Hang in there everyone.  We will get through this.

Our Easter Egg Hunt Event at this time is postponed.  In the event that recommendations by government officials for public events are lifted or loosened, suggesting it is no longer a risk to host a group event, we will open the event again.  In this case, we will update here and also on Facebook.  We WILL host an Easter Egg Hunt this year so all our children will get that coveted 2020 picture of them with the Easter Bunny for Mom and Dad! It just may not be before the official holiday as usual.  But that is ok. The Easter Bunny is excited to get some extra exercise after Easter anyway! Please check for updates as time hops along.

At this time we have closed our "open 2020 calendar dates" to ensure we have new date options for those clients who may be forced to postpone their scheduled events per the government's social distancing recommendations.  We are not assigning new dates as of yet because we do not know when the recommended restrictions will be lifted and we do not want to be faced with moving dates more than once.  We are offering open communication with all clients who may be effected by the current social distancing recommendations.  Please do not hesitate to email, text or call, but please also be patient in awaiting our reply if it is not immediate as we are managing a sometimes high influx of messages and are are working hard to offer everyone whatever time is needed with us as you sort through the emotions and challenges being faced.

Updated 3/15/20
Reports are circulating that the CDC has made recommendations that all events of 50 people or greater be cancelled or postponed for up to 8 weeks to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Seasons at Magnolia has not received an update from the State of Maryland nor the County of our venue confirming this advisement should be treated as a mandated policy in public interest.  Seasons at Magnolia will keep our clients and guests informed as this news develops.  We are not making any changes in operations at this time.

Changes in the conditions of the current epidemic will potentially dictate changes in the policies and procedures of our business. This will be necessary to best protect our clients, guests and staff.  We do not want to place any members of our community or guests from other communities at risk and for that reason, we will always comply with the advisement of our nation's experts; charged with leading the fight against COVID-19.

We at Magnolia want all of our guests to know we take health and welfare matters seriously; regardless of the presence or not of contagious outbreaks epidemic or pandemic. For us, maintaining a regular cleaning plan to reduce any risk for the spread of infection to our staff or guests, is standard operating procedure; and has always been a major part of every day at our popular gathering place.

For up to date information on COVID-19, please refer to one of the following credible resources. These resources update in real time and offer easy to understand explanations and recommendations for our communities.

It is important for all guests and travelers to remember that your best protection against contracting any virus / infection is to actively practice, best self care. This includes frequently washing your hands, limiting your own hand to face contact and minimizing skin to skin contact with others or needlessly touching items that may have been contaminated by others.  It is of course also wise to steer clear of areas known to have a history of contamination and always be aware of your surroundings - avoiding exposure to active illness symptoms such as coughing.

If you have a fever, flu like symptoms, a cough etc., it is recommended you make contact with a doctor and stay away from opportunities where you could spread any possible infection. This is called "self care" and "social distancing."  Being proactive in your self care is again, by far, your best line of defense against contracting and spreading any virus / infection; including COVID-19.

This all being said, with the recent up-rise in concerns related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Magnolia have instituted some added procedures to help mitigate the spread of not just this contagion but all contagious conditions. This involves more frequent disinfection of all public and private restrooms, meeting spaces and guest rooms. No employee is permitted to work with any symptoms and all employees are asked to remain home if they have someone they are caring for, live with or have come in contact with that has COVID-19 symptoms or diagnosis.  While no business or person can offer a 100% guarantee that no infection will pass the threshold of a business or even a home - we at Seasons at Magnolia are committed to making extra efforts, where possible, to minimize risks.  With this being said, upon discussion with our clients, we will provide; if desired, a temperature check in for all guests attending private events. This involves a temperature check using hospital grade, no touch - thermometers to ensure no attendee is present with an active fever at an event hosted at Magnolia.  This again, will be done at private events when requested by our clients who are hosting those private events.  This will not be a standard operating procedure for private events.  If you are a host of a coming event and wish to take this precaution we support you fully and request you make efforts to notify your guests prior to their arrival, to prepare them for this quick and precautionary process. 

EASTER EGG HUNT EVENT (last updated 3/15/20)
Our Coming Easter Egg Hunt on April 11th is still scheduled to take place as planned but will be using a temperature check in process.  Our Easter Bunny's helpers will have no touch thermometer "carrots" that will take a quick gauge of each attendee's temperature as you pass through our entrance.  This will not be intimidating for children in anyway nor will it distract from all the planned fun for the day.  That being said, if we discover a fever within your group, we cannot allow your group to attend.  Please, please, please - we beg you - be preemptive and do not have anyone attempt to attend who has a fever or other symptoms that could pose infection to others.  We cannot make any exceptions.  Children, to our very good fortune, are usually in a very low risk category but we do have a number of children who have enjoyed this event over the past 3 years that have compromised immune systems. This includes children enduring chemotherapy and children with serious health challenges.  We want to maintain their ability to enjoy the same festivities as children who are well and do not want to put them or ANYONE else at risk. This is an effort to protect and care for all in our community.  We appreciate your support.  If you have registered to attend this event, we have your contact information and will notify you if there are changes in the event schedule or date.  The event will close registration at 100 people (Adults and children.)

Should you have a plan to visit our venue and have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to message us and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

Our best to all of you - from all of us at Magnolia.

Be well!
Jeff, Jennifer, Mary, Cameron, Eric, Jordan, Bethany, Isabella, Tommy, Patrick, Delaney, Nicole, Amy, Katya, Mike, Mark, Kayla, Lisa, Justin, Jesse, Olga, Emily, Steven & Chelsea