Seasons at Magnolia Manor 

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It's Groomsday NOT Doomsday!

Traditions - Crazy Stuff Dude!

The Garter Toss
You think catching the bride's garter seems a little strange, Imagine having to dodge all the Bridesmaids shoes!

That's right, back in Ancient Anglo-Saxon days when this tradition began... groomsmen stood ready for bridesmaids to throw their shoes at them like an old and healed version of dodge ball.  Guys who got hit were said to be soon married as well!  Guys who were not hit had more courting to do!

Gifts for the Guys

At Magnolia - Our Grooms and their Groomsmen enjoy a nicely appointed guys lounge decorated in a cigar / whiskey bar style.  With Cigar boxes donning the walls and a variety of the best and most celebrated Whiskey's sitting atop our vintage book shelves - guys can't help but think of having a celebratory cigar with a shot of whiskey!  When thinking of what to give the friends who will stand up for you on your day - consider matching the theme of your Lounge and gift them a toast the old fashioned way!
Wooden Cigar Box / Humidor with Engraved glass lid. 
Personalize each box for each of your guys and treat them to a celebratory cigar awaiting inside!

*This item is available for purchase from Magnolia!

Etched Glass Decanter with engraved wooden box.

Cannot get much classier than this gift. A crystal decanter with your choice of etching to show your appreciation for supporting you on your wedding day!

*This item is available for purchase from Magnolia!

Cigar & a Mini in an engraved wooden box. 
What better way to toast your day than with s shot of whiskey and a puff of a cigar!  This engraved wooden box offers all that and a keepsake to boot!

*This item is available for purchase from Magnolia!

Learn to Impress by Knowing How to Dress.

Tying a tie, especially a Bow Tie is a lost art for most men. As a venue we can tell you it is a RARE wedding day when a groom or his groomsmen can tie their own bow ties but when one can... WHOA! That impresses the crowd every time and becomes quite the power play for whoever can pull that talent out of his hat. Granted the guys make a little fun at first but then its a bragging right for the rest of the day!  Its not easy but it can be done!  Here's How!

History of the Bow Tie

Wanna know where it all began?  The Bow Tie that is?  Well believe it or not, this fashion trend began in the 1600's when King Louis XIV of France was hanging out with some mercenary soldiers and was diggin' the scarves they wore around their necks. The mercenaries wore the ties as a result of a superstition that to not have the tie they'd be vulnerable to a sword to the jugular but King Louis XIV took the tie idea and created his own version as a fashion piece tied it off with a neat bow, thus inventing the cravat (derived from the French for "Croatian"), the bow tie.  In later years this bow tie history took on a variety of protective forms and hundreds of years later made its appearance on Wedding Days as protection against separation. This is one of many historical explanations of where the expression, "Tie the Knot" came from!  So... guys... learn to tie the knot!