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Just For Kids!

Just Hanging Around...

Got a queen or king sized flat sheet laying around?  Know how to tie a tight knot?  Have a sturdy kitchen or dining room table?  Well... if you do, you have the makings for a great quarantine day hammock!

The most important part of this project is taking the sheet, wrapping it up and around that table and securing the knot tightly.  Then, have your child give it a shot!  Weight limit... well its going to probably be a bit of a trial and error but its been tested to 75 lbs with a king sheet with success beneath a kitchen table.  If you want to ensure a safe test of your handy work, place a couple pillows under that first go around!  The drop isn't far and can rally a bunch of laughs if its a soft landing!  NOTE:  Probably not a good idea for older children or Mom and Dad to give this a whirl and please use common sense - this is meant to be fun not dangerous. :)

Photo Credit: Three Boys Are We Blog, June 13, 2013

I'm Bored! Entertain Me!

The GREAT NEWS is if you can provide any of these ingredients for just 1/2 hour to 1 hour per day, everyone in the house will begin to have something to look forward to and Cabin Fever won't feel so bad! Laughter and exercise are powerful tools in staying healthy! Have Fun & Be Well!
We Hope These Ideas Help Give You and Your Children Lots of Hours of  CABIN FEVER FUN!

Bored turned Budding Artist!

Masking Tape Mosaics!
If you've got a roll of masking tape, painters tape or packing tape - you can accomplish this variation of stained glass art!

What you need:
  • Removable Tape
  • Flat, washable surface
  • Chalk (or color pencils, crayons or markers for indoors)
  • 40 minutes of Time

Use your tape to create a perimeter shape. Doesn't have to be square or rectangle like shown.  It can be whatever you want.  Then criss cross the inside of that shape with lines of tape creating an inconstant pattern that will make the mosaic you're hoping for!

Once all taped up... let your artists have at it with color!  When they are finished coloring, carefully remove the tape and Voila!

This can be done outside on fences, front doors, WINDOWS, garage doors and more!

If you are inside... try an interior window, a mirror or sliding glass door with dry erase markers or paint.  And... if you want to keep this forever, PAPER with any marker, crayon, pencils or paint! Clean up is easy.  Entertainment is enduring and the results are beautiful!

Milk Jug Elephant Masterpieces!

Over the next few weeks you will surely go through some plastic jugs.  Water, Milk, Orange Juice, Tea - whatever!  You're recycling might just be ART!

What you need:

  • Empty, Clean, Gallon jug
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper (you can even paint paper with water colors, let it dry and then cut it in small pieces to create your own!)
  • Paper towels
  • Paint (If you do not have colored paper)
  • Glue (Elmer's School glue or Glue sticks)
  • 1 hour of Time

If you search your house you probably have tissue paper for gifts, crepe paper from a birthday celebration, or newspaper. These are easy, "ready to go," papers for paper mâché!  If you do not have these convenient options, you can make your own with any paper in the house.  Just wet the paper to soften it but not so much that it falls apart.If using paper towels, wet them and then squeeze the water out.  With damp paper, use watered down paint to add color to your paper.  Allow it to dry completely and then once dry, cut it into small pieces.

Cut the handle of the jug at the bottom of the handle (low enough that it leaves a "trunk" to hold onto but disconnects it from the bottom of the jug).

Sit the jug upright with the cut portion of the handle pointing down to the table surface. Cut off the bottom out of the jug.  Then cut half moons out of each side of the bottom of the jug.  This will create your feet.

Take your colored paper and cut them into small 1/2 sized pieces.  They can be many shapes or even sizes - just keep them small.

Now, apply your glue to the jug -small portions at a time. Lay the little cut papers on your jug over the glue until you have completely covered the jog with colored papers and voila!  You have a Mosaic Elephant Masterpiece!

In Home or Back Yard Obstacle Course  

Know what's REALLY fun and would even be good for Grown Ups?  To Try the Course Out For Size!  This activity can be played in many variations over the course of multiple days!

  • Jump through a hula hoop 3x or get to skip jumping through is you can prove you know how to use hula hoop correctly! Don't have Hula Hoops?  Improvise ro skip it! (adjust based on ages) Completion equals 2 points. This one introduces EXERCISE and COORDINATION!
  • Throw 5 stuffed animals into a laundry basket from 5 feet away. (adjust based on ages) Task equals 1 point for each basket made. This one introduces FOCUS!
  • Line up kitchen chairs to crawl under or sit and stand on each one in a row until you've sat on each chair in the row.  (adjust based on ages) Completion equals 2 points. This one introduces
  • Drawl a circle, a triangle, a square, a rectangle and one other shape on a piece of paper. Task equals 1 point for each shape.  Extra points for extra actual shapes drawn. Limit to one minute. (adjust time based on ages) This one introduces a little MATH!
  • Limbo under a piece of yarn tied to two chairs while playing music. (can use a broom stick or curtain rod too. (adjust based on age) Completion equals 2 points This one introduces a little MUSIC! This one introduces FLEXIBILITY!
  • Walk a “balance beam” (masking tape line on floor) Completion equals 2 points.  This one introduces BALANCE!
  • Walk across floor with a book balanced on the head. Once at the end, read 1 page out loud and then place the book on the floor! To make this harder for older children, add hurdles they must step or climb over. Completion equals 2 points. This one introduces AGILITY AND READING!
  • Run across a room while having small soft toys tossed in the air as you run by.  If you catch the toys you get points!  1 Point for each toy! This one introduces HAND EYE COORDINATION!
  • Sit down and scoot backwards across the room. Completion equals 2 points.
  • Somersault from one (masking tape) line to another. Completion equals 2 points. This one introduces GYMNASTICS!
  • Using Crete Paper, Painters Tape or String, create a laser beam security challenge for kids to climb through using a hall way to connect the "laser beams"!
Give them their score and reward based on totals.
Choose a Point Range to Pick tomorrow's Activity
Choose a Point Range to Pick a movie to watch.
Choose a Point Range to Earn Time on Computer or Electronics.
Choose a Point Range to skip a chore one time.
Choose a Point Range to Get to Create a New Game!