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All Grown Up With Nothing to Do!

A Figure of Speech - Find all 27! 
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Answers to A Figure of Speech!

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Activities to stay busy and connected at home.

Picnics are soooo easy but so underrated. 

Here are some picnic plans that will shockingly change things up a bit without doing much other than taking the food and drink you would already be eating and drinking and presenting it in a different way, in a different place than you're used to!

TV Dinners.  Yes - we know, a lot of you are already sitting in front of the the news watching and eating too.  BUT we have a twist!

TV DINNERS THEMES. Pick a show or movie - "Martian" with Matt Damon is a great one.  Fashion your meal around potatoes.  Make them or have them in as many forms as you can come up with.  Mashed potatoes with toppings, baked potatoes, french fries, tator tots, Scalloped potatoes, hash browns, potato chips, potato sticks, potato skins, sweet potatoes and all the variations with those.

Clean or Rearrange Furniture With the Music Blaring!  Dance!  Be Free!  Be Creative!  Be Active!  And you may even find a new look for your place as a result.

Studies find that music motivates the soul.  Choose upbeat tempos and choose music that makes you feel like dancing, even if you don't dance!  And take a change - there are two sayings that apply here and this activity is perfect for both of them! "Dance like no one's watching!", and "Sing like no one's listening!"

Be careful - don't throw your back out doing the twist or moving the entertainment center but work together or even alone to change the four walls your looking at day in and day out!  Visit a new place without having to leave the old space!

Take before and after photos of your old and new looks and send them to us!  We will post them if we can!  Have fun!
Have you ever wondered what your great great grandmother or distance relatives looked like or how they dressed etc?  Have you ever wondered if you look like them?  Well - part of why we have a hard time making this connection is not having many images (because they were hard to come by way back when) to show us the past.  But our the future doesn't have to have that same challenge.
Create a THIS DAY IN 2020 Collage.  We are amidst the largest pandemic in history to date and this year,  your lives and who we are and how we lived will be talked about in history books for years to come!  

Take this time and create the historical memory for your future ancestors to look back upon!

Need some Guidance?  Heres a great place to start!